Dublin considers Resilience Zone pilot project

March 9, 2014 by  

As the Midwest struggles through a brutal winter, Dublin is considering establishing what is known as a ‘Resilience Zone’ that could protect businesses from extreme weather and help them prepare for such events.

In late February, members of Dublin’s City Council approved a resolution that would give the city the opportunity to apply for a grant for $50,000 in order to set up a trial Resilience Zone. The grant would come from the Ohio Local Government Innovation Fund, which is interested in Dublin because of the “business ecosystem” located here.

This zone would assist businesses in preparing for such extreme weather as high rains, heavy snows, heat waves, tornados, and thunderstorms, with super cell activity. The zone works by establishing an area that would minimize risks and enable businesses to recover rapidly from extreme weather.

Among these practices are hardening the infrastructure; using green infrastructure to manage heavier rainfall; upgrading building systems; making environmental systems stronger and creating redundancy for vital services and equipment. The zone would also provide a means for assessing damages, repairing equipment, and restarting operations.

As the concept is likely to be an unfamiliar one to many Dublin business owners, city officials could work with brochure printers to create a mailer for the city’s business community, explaining the pilot project and how it will benefit them.