Dublin-based restaurant chain updates popular logo

October 16, 2012 by  

This month, the Wendy’s fast-food restaurant chain, which is based in Dublin, revealed the new look for the popular logo that consumers have come to know and love since 1983.

The Wendy’s corporation intends to introduce the newly designed logo to the public early next year and it should start appearing at the 6,500 stores worldwide by March.

The freckle-faced girl with the captivating smile and red pigtails is not going anywhere, but she is getting a make-over of sorts. The updated version features the smiling Wendy with pigtails peeking out from an oval frame. This serves to give her a more vivid and dynamic appearance, bringing her forward in the logo. Additionally, the current Wendy’s tagline, ‘Old Fashioned Hamburgers’, will be dropped and only the word ‘Wendy’s’ will appear.

Major changes to company and corporate logos necessitate changes to a large number of printed materials. Advertising and marketing materials will probably need to be updated in the form of flyer printing, poster printing, and banner printing. A number of other business documents may also require updating, such as business card printing and stationery printing.

Founder Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy’s in Dublin in 1969. Since that time, this will be only the fifth update to the nationally recognized and loved logo. Throughout the various updates to the logo, however, one thing has remained clear – consumers nationwide have become very attached to the little girl with red pigtails and she is not likely to disappear from the Wendy’s logo.