2012 annual Irish Festival to take to Dublin, Ohio streets

August 3, 2012 by  

The annual Irish Festival is taking to the streets of Dublin again this year—Dublin, Ohio that is.

Every year, the city of Dublin pays tribute to its Irish counterpart with a fun and informative festival throughout the Columbus suburb from Friday, August 3 and running through the weekend until Sunday, August 5. Irish history, culture and entertainment will be present throughout the weekend along Dublin streets.

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The annual Irish Festival in Dublin will include services offered by the Irish Roots Café. The Irish Roots Café will be present at the event to assist individuals in researching their genealogy and Irish heritage. Anyone interested in learning more from the Irish Roots Cafe might want to prepare a list of questions prior to the event.

Cultural exhibits, food, music, crafts and information about Ireland history will all be included in the festival. Admission to the event is as follows:

Adults: $9.00
Students and Seniors: $7.00
Children under 12: Free

Children who wish to enter the Wee Folk area and take part in the rides and games must purchase a $10 wristband.