U.S. luge team finds a sponsor in Cincinnati

March 6, 2013 by  

Pilot Chemical Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, is has spoken of its pleasure in being able to help support the U.S. luge team, which will be competing throughout the world for the next three years.

The competitions include practice for the 2014 Winter Games, which will take place in Sochi, Russia. Pilot recently announced that it was glad to be able to lend its support in time to help the athletes, especially as they get ready to race in Russia.

President and COO of Pilot, Pam Butcher, expressed her hope that the company’s employees would take advantage of the new relationship between the company and the luge athletes and follow the team’s activities as they compete nationally and internationally.

Pilot is a family company that makes specialty chemicals. Its success rests on its work with exceptionally low temperature reactions which it uses to produce high-quality surfactants and other chemicals. A surfactant lowers a liquid’s surface tension, allowing easier interaction with other substances. As an example, soap is a surfactant, as it lowers the surface tension of water making it easier to clean objects. Since Pilot’s signature process uses icy temperatures, its support of a winter sport is appropriate, as well as being fun for them.

The chemical firm could work with brochure printers to devise materials for distribution to its employees to encourage their interest in the team. It could also consider working with flyer printing experts to create a mailer for general circulation to the public, explaining Pilot’s support for the luge team and listing the places it will compete.