Taste of Cincinnati is a huge success

June 5, 2013 by  

Organizers of the 35th annual ‘Taste of Cincinnati’ got a pleasant surprise when they found out just how many people in the area are foodies.

The event was held over the three-day Memorial Day weekend, and drew approximately 550,000 attendees, 10% higher than the numbers expected. Not only did the event break the overall attendance record, it recorded its largest opening day ever on the Saturday.

One vendor, who has been appearing at the Taste for years, said he sold more food in one evening—the record-breaking Saturday—then he had during an entire weekend in years past.

There were a number of other interesting facts to come out of the event this year. Rumpke, a Cincinnati recycling company, said it picked up 4,720 pounds of material at Taste over the long weekend, while the local chapter of the Red Cross raised $2,000 for its relief work. Vendors at Taste of Cincinnati sold over 85,000 16-ounce beers, enough to fill a swimming pool, and eager eaters dug in to various treats using over 2,000,000 forks.

The offerings came from all cuisines: American, Thai, French, Mexican, Irish, Cajun, Italian, German, and Greek, among others. Dishes includes such favorites as southern fried oysters accompanied by dirty rice from a Creole restaurant; Baja fish tacos from a Mexican establishment and fish and chips from an Irish pub. There were food trucks as well, and a number of vendors selling beer and wine.

In future years, organizers might want to work with flyer printing experts to create mailers that show parking, along with a list of vendors and where they are based.