Print companies gear up for expensive campaign season

December 6, 2011 by  

Chris Seelbach, political consulting lead and CFO for The Seidewitz Group, a marketing firm located in Cincinnati, reports that there is a major role for print companies in the upcoming campaigns and elections. Seelbach, who was recently appointed a seat with the Cincinnati City Council, is highly experienced with political campaigns in and around the Cincinnati area. When confronted with the suggestion that political marketers may turn to social media campaign strategies this year, thus concentrating less on traditional forms of marketing, such as banners, brochures and flyers, Seelbach simply dismissed the notion, claiming that candidates will want the best marketing strategies available to reach the average voter, who is age 35 and over. While social media is a great tool for reaching this target audience, politicians will still depend largely upon printing companies for banner printing, flyer printing, and other printing services provided by local and national print companies.

The election may still be a year away, but printing companies should gear up now for a heated campaign season in the coming months. According to a special report published on the PrintWeek website December 01, the 2012 political elections look to be perhaps one of the most contested and expensive campaign seasons on record. With a host of Republican, Democratic, and third-party politicians vying for seats at the national, as well as local, levels, this promises to be a booming political season for the printing business and print companies across the United States.