President Obama takes Ohio in election

November 8, 2012 by  

President Obama gained all of Ohio’s 18 electoral votes in the Presidential election yesterday, November 6. As predicted, Ohio was one of the deciding states in the outcome of the election.

Both President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts campaigned hard in areas around Cincinnati, and throughout Ohio, in an attempt to gain the popular vote in the state and add the 18 electoral votes to their totals. Both men were in Ohio yesterday in a late attempt to encourage votes. As voters throughout Cincinnati and other parts of Ohio gathered at various election night parties and festivities, they anxiously awaited results to learn who would win the Presidential election, as well as a number of other local and government elections.

Ohio, which was considered a primary focus for both presidential candidates during the 2012 election, was the focus of many campaign rallies, parties, and other election events over the past couple of months. While most elections and campaigning efforts lend themselves to a variety of campaigning events and activities, presidential election years especially tend to give cause for a large number of events. Printing companies in Cincinnati probably found themselves with extra business during the last few months before the election, as various printing services were no doubt required for such activities.

Tuesday night’s election results revealed that President Obama received 50.1% of the popular vote in the state of Ohio to Governor Romney’s 48.2%. The remaining 1.7% of the vote in Ohio was marked ‘other’.