New restaurant slated to open in Cincinnati’s Northside neighborhood

September 7, 2013 by  

Cincinnati foodies are already anticipating the October opening of a new restaurant in Northside, Ruth’s Parkside Café. The owners say, however, that the establishment is more than another restaurant; it’s the realization of a dream in a very unusual space.

Ruth’s Parkside Café is co-owned by Mary Kroner and David Tape, who both live in Northside and worked together in a well-known Cincinnati restaurant, Mullane’s Parkside Café, which was in the city’s downtown. Mullane’s was only 960 square feet in area, but drew a loyal and varied clientele, including city council members, journalists, and the conductor of the city’s symphony orchestra.

Now, taking all they learned from working at Mullane’s, Kroner and Tape are opening their own establishment. However, Ruth’s Parkside Café will be very different from Mullane’s, they say. The restaurant will open in the renovated American Can Building, and it will cover 4,100 square feet. It is also the only restaurant in the building, which is mostly given over to apartments, and has limited commercial space.

Krone and Tape will no doubt want to make sure that the customer base they have built from Mullane’s will follow them to their new location, plus they want to reach new customers in the area as well. They could consider working with brochure printers to create a mailer that introduces the new location, gives their history as restaurant owners, and includes some of the dishes that will be on the new menu.