More jobs coming to Cincinnati thanks to Verizon

April 9, 2014 by  

Verizon Wireless is expanding in Ohio, which is good news for jobseekers in the state.

The company plans to hire more than 250 new employees statewide, 30 of them in Cincinnati. Karissa Stanley, Talent Acquisition Supervisor for the company, said Verizon has seen an overall increase in business, both in the company and in the wireless industry in general, and Verizon wants to keep up.

Stanley noted that the stores Verizon is opening in Ohio now have a different design from earlier facilities, and are meant to help customers understand some of the company’s non-wireless products, such as smart thermostats and helicopter drones. New employees will help familiarize customers with these products, especially those who might think of Verizon solely as a cell phone company.

In addition, the company is increasing the number of staff at its call center in Dublin, Ohio. Stanley said it was very important to Verizon to have effective, well-run call centers. She notes Verizon already has over 20 such centers in the U.S., and demand is increasing. One of the reasons for hiring more people is to decrease customers’ wait times.

Since Verizon is hiring across the state, each facility will probably have a relatively small number of new employees. Companies with jobs to fill could work with a printing company to create digital business cards for their new hires. Such cards can be printed in small quantities, making it economical for companies to provide them to everyone.