Fox’s Pizza Den Opens New Cincinnati Location

April 23, 2012 by  

A Pittsburgh-based pizza chain, Fox’s Pizza Den, Inc., is coming to Cincinnati. The pizza chain will open its first Cincinnati location at Bridgewater Falls, located in Fairfield County. Fox’s Pizza Den recently put its name to a lease for an area in the Lifestyle Center. The chain is set to open in the 1,900 square foot location by the end of next month.

Fox’s Pizza Den boasts over 300 locations across the United States. The chain currently operates at 15 locations in Ohio, but this will be its first Cincinnati location. David Roth, who owns Bridgewater Falls, stated that they are excited to welcome Fox’s Pizza Den to the shopping center.

“We are excited to be part of the first Cincinnati-area Fox’s Pizza Den. Their delicious pizza topped with fresh, quality ingredients; diverse menu options and a commitment to community involvement will be an excellent addition to Bridgewater Falls’ great neighborhood shopping experience”

said Roth.

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Fox’s Pizza Den offers a diverse menu with Stromboli, breadsticks, salad and a variety of sandwiches made with pizza crust in place of standard bread slices or buns. Their pizza is created with a hand-tossed crust. Fox’s Pizza will offer dine-in, delivery and carry-out service.