Ensemble Theatre Renews $6.5 Million Campaign Commitment

April 25, 2012 by  

The Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati renewed a prior commitment to its Next Stage Capital Campaign recently. The theatre first announced the $6.5 million campaign in 2008, but had remained largely quiet on the matter since the initial announcement. The recommitment to the $6.5 million campaign coincided with the introduction of a new brand design and website that was created in an effort to re-establish the theatre’s place with Over-the-Rhine.

Officials at the theatre said that the funds raised will go towards lobby expansion, electrical upgrades, HVAC equipment, and new seating and other amenities. Renovation plans for the theatre are underway with Messer Construction Company and GBBN Architects.

Ensemble Theatre development and communications manager, Jocelyn Meyer, stated that leaders at the theatre are excited about the improvements made to the Over-the-Rhine Gateway Quarter in recent years, as well as renovations that have been made at Washington Park. Meyer said that, with all the renovations made in the area, it just made sense to continue plans for improvements to the theatre.

Before attempting to raise the rest of the funds necessary to embark upon the renovation process, Ensemble intends to paint the façade of the building and use banner printing to draw attention to the theatre, which is located at 1127 Vine Street, and hopefully draw in patrons who may not be familiar with the theatre. The banners will be placed along the Vine Street corridor.

Currently, the Ensemble Theatre has been able to raise over $1 million towards the campaign. This is largely in part to a contribution from the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission in the form of a $1.2 million grant.