Dead Sea Scrolls on display at Cincinnati Museum Center

March 7, 2013 by  

The world-famous Dead Sea Scrolls are only part of the treasures on display at the Cincinnati Museum Center through mid-April.

The exhibit, titled ‘Dead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith in Ancient Times’, brings a large number of very old artifacts found in Israel together in one place.

The Scrolls are considered an archaeological find of vital importance, since they contain ancient handwritten material that influenced much of Western civilization, as well as the only copies known to exist of the Hebrew Bible. There are more than 600 items on display, including textiles, ceramics, weapons, religious articles, and the Scrolls themselves. Many have never been displayed in public before.

Among the displays is the Book of War, which describes a vast battle between angels, some good, some evil, who struggle for 40 years and fight seven times. Another display is the so-called ‘Western Wall Stone’ thought to have fallen from the Second temple in 70 CE, during battles with the Romans. It will be part of an exhibit that replicates part of the Western Wall. Museum visitors will be allowed to write prayers of their own on paper and slot the slips of paper into the wall.

The museum officials could work with professional brochure printers to create materials for the exhibit. They might also work with flyer printers to create direct mail materials to reach potential visitors in the Cincinnati area.

Adult admission is $15 for Museum Center members and $23 for non-members. Children’s admission is $10 for members 3-12 and $15 for non-members, while senior admission is $20. It runs until April 14.