City seeks to revitalize Tower Place Mall

December 6, 2012 by  

The city of Cincinnati is attempting to purchase the Tower Place mall, which is currently foreclosed. The mall is situated next to Fountain Square, which is always alive and bustling with business.

The city hopes to develop the Tower Place Mall and transform it into a pedestrian friendly location, equally as alive as the rest of the businesses on Fountain Square. The city gave the green light to a $8.6m parking fund to be used towards the purchase of the Tower Place Mall recently. Provided the sale is successful, the city will ask developers to design a plan to renovate the mall and help transform the area into a thriving downtown attraction.

Meg Olberding, spokeswoman for the city of Cincinnati, stated:

“This is a critical area in the city’s development. Right now, as it stands, it’s lost its tenants, its vitality. It doesn’t fit in with the rest of the growth that’s happening downtown.”

If the sale and development of the Tower Place Mall goes through, it could once again become a thriving downtown attraction with a variety of businesses. New stores, shops, and boutiques moving into the area would likely require business card printing and other printing services to help establish themselves in the area. Banner printing, flyer printing, and poster printing are also commonly utilized by new businesses.

The Tower Place Mall, which was once a thriving downtown location, was built in 1991. Only a few stores now occupy the building, but the city hopes to change that in the near future. The city intends to maintain over 1,600 parking spaces currently located on the site and even wants to add approximately 250 more.