Cincinnati theatergoers can grab the Bull by its horns

November 1, 2013 by  

The dark comedy ‘Bull’, written by Mike Bartlett, opens at Cincinnati’s Know Theatre tonight, and is an original work focusing on corporate life and its intense competitiveness.

In the play, three middle-level management types compete for higher positions in their department. Unfortunately, there are only two new jobs available, a fact that throws the three against each other in a brutal competition full of cut-throat tactics and shifting alliances. In the end, only the strong survive.

Bull is the second Bartlett play to be performed at the Know; following another recent work dealing with the question of whether or not people should endlessly analyze their relationships just because they can. It suggests some things should just be left alone and enjoyed, not examined to death.

Know Theatre’s Producing Artistic Director, Eric Vosmeier, said he was delighted that the Know is the first house in the nation to stage both of these plays. In fact, Vosmeier was in rehearsals for the earlier play when he heard about Bull, and immediately began negotiating for the rights to perform it. Vosmeier calls Bartlett’s work “simple but challenging”, which leaves a great deal for the audience to determine for themselves.

The theater could work with brochure printers to create a handout for the audience explaining Bartlett’s works, and including their performance schedule for the season. The show will run through November 30, and tickets are available for $20 on the week of the performance or $15 in advance.