Cincinnati residents treated to dance showcase

May 17, 2013 by  

Dance enthusiasts in Cincinnati, Ohio, are getting a chance to see Glen Este students’ efforts right now as they present an ‘Evening of Dance’ over the next few days.

As part of Glen Este Dance Company eleventh annual performance, dancers are performing a program of various styles, including jazz, tap, hip-hop, and ballet, among others, all designed to showcase the talents of the students, who are at different levels of ability. Some of the dances are all-male, others are all-female, and still others are taking place with male-female partners. In addition, some of the dances will incorporate lifts.

Dancing with partners and doing lifts are new skills for some students, and present some of the greatest challenges for those just learning them. However, they are also extremely rewarding for dancers, according to Molly Smith, who is a senior and president of the dance troupe.

The lifts are especially taxing because they require the partners to work together flawlessly. Since these moves present significant difficulty, only advanced dancers may attempt to do them.

The Evening of Dance got underway yesterday, May 16, and runs through Saturday, May 18 at the Glen Este Performing Arts Center, 4342 Glen Este-Withamsville Road. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for students and seniors, and perhaps local print companies have been busy carrying out brochure and poster printing for the event. Tickets are available at the door each evening, and the box office opens at 6:15 pm tonight and tomorrow night.