Cincinnati residents to get closer to giraffes

July 16, 2013 by  

At the Cincinnati Zoo, the trend for zoos to come up with new ways of presenting animals in an environment that more closely resembles their natural habitat has led to the creation of the ‘Africa’ exhibit, opening in phases. Just a couple of weeks ago, renovations to the Giraffe Deck were completed and it now includes a covered tree-house that extends into the giraffe enclosure.

In the enclosure, called the ‘giraffe yard’, the animals are free to go where they like, and often come over to the Giraffe Deck. There are five giraffes on exhibit, all Maasai, and they enjoy crackers, which they take from visitors’ hands.

The giraffe yard has been landscaped with sand, trees, and bushes that make the enclosure look like the African savannah. The exhibit is the third phase in a five-part plan to enhance visitors’ experiences when they come to the zoo. This phase includes the Giraffe Deck, a new exhibit of cheetahs, and another new exhibit featuring African lions.

The first and second phases of Africa were finished in 2010, and were largely concerned with building the cheetah and giraffe exhibits. Visitors can watch cheetah shows at the cheetah exhibit Fridays through Tuesdays, twice per day, through September 3 this year. Sarah, one of the cheetahs housed here, is the fastest in the U.S.

The zoo might work with brochure printers to create a mailer describing the new exhibit and listing the zoo hours, parking facilities, fees, and other information.