Cincinnati recognized as bicycle-friendly

May 22, 2012 by  

Cincinnati recently received the Bronze award from The League of American Bicyclists in recognition of the city’s efforts to become bicycle-friendly. The city was also named a 2012 Bicycle Friendly Community.

Michael Moore, Director of Transportation and Engineering for Cincinnati, says the city has just started in their efforts to make the streets of Cincinnati more bike-friendly. Bike lanes have been constructed and signs have been placed throughout the city reminding drivers that they share the road with bicycles. Plans are also being made for a bike sharing program, in which bicyclers rent a bike and return it to any kiosk in the program.

As Cincinnati continues to raise awareness about bicycling and alert people to this alternative means of travel, local print companies may be called upon for banner or poster printing, as well as a number of other printing services. Brochure printers may also be necessary to provide information about the various biking trails and lanes in the area, as well as the proposed bike share program.

Currently, Cincinnati has contracted with Alta Bicycle Share, a company that operates programs in New York, Boston, Washington, DC, to create a bike-share program in the city. The company is investigating appropriate areas to set up automated kiosks where bicyclists will be able to rent and return bikes.

Moore stated that Cincinnati’s efforts to make the city bike-friendly offer citizens more options in the way they travel throughout the city. It also provides individuals with a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to driving vehicles.