Cincinnati listed among nation’s strongest economies

September 11, 2012 by  

The Business Journal’s blog ‘On Numbers Economic Index’ has this week listed Cincinnati as having one of the strongest economies throughout the nation in this month’s report.

Based on current statistics gathered from all metropolitan areas throughout the United States, the On Numbers Index report reveals the total economic strength of the regions studied. Currently, 102 metro areas are looked at. An area must have a population of more than 500,000 to be included in the monthly evaluation.

The index is based upon a number of factors that are used to assess unemployment, house-pricing, earnings, private-sector growth, retail activity, and construction within the metro area. According to the index, Cincinnati was ranked as the 15th highest out of the 102 area. With a score of 91.04, Oklahoma City received the number one spot, while Cincinnati’s score was 67.65.

The private-sector job growth in the Cincinnati metro area was up by an encouraging average of 3.4%. This increase is no doubt partially due to an increase in new businesses in the area, as well as expansions. As more and more new businesses move into the metro area or existing businesses expand or relocate, an increase in jobs can be expected. New businesses moving into the metro area can also mean an increase in business for Cincinnati print companies. New businesses will typically seek out local printing companies to provide banner printing, flyer printing, and other materials for grand opening ceremonies, special promotions and other advertisements.