Cincinnati in tune for music festival this month

September 1, 2012 by  

The 11th Annual MidPoint Music Festival, hosted by MPMF.12, will take place this month in Cincinnati. With over 20 stages spread throughout the downtown area, the festival never fails to draw a massive crowd of attendees.

Emerging artists arriving on the music scene in Cincinnati find the MidPoint Music Festival to be a rewarding experience and great venue in which to perform. 180 bands from around the world are expected to be part of this year’s festival entertainment.

The event attracts over 23,000 visitors and grows steadily year after year. Music genres vary and include acoustic, avant-garde, electronic, dance, funk, Latin, folk, alternative, rock, and soul. Many popular artists today got their big break by performing at an MPMF event.

Local print companies are normally contacted by organizers and participants in large festivals such as this one to assist in providing print materials needed for the event. Catalog printing is a frequent request, as these list the calendar of events, locations, performers, sponsors, and other important information for attendees. Business card printing is also a common order as the artists like to have cards to give out to encourage future business, gigs, and other activity bookings. Other print services, such as banner printing, can be used to help promote and direct attendees to select areas of the festival.

The 2012 event has been scheduled for September 27 – 29. More information is available online. Refer to the MFMP.12 website for complete information or to purchase tickets for the festival. Volunteers are also being sought to assist with this huge event and applications are available on the website.