Cincinnati could see the Delta Queen return

October 31, 2013 by  

The Delta Queen, a legendary riverboat, could be refurbished soon if investors have their way.

Efforts to bring the boat back to Cincinnati appear to be gaining ground, particularly since Congressman Steve Chabot and other House members recently voted to exempt the boat from a measure that currently bans wooden boats from taking 50 or more passengers on overnight sails.

The boat, which was built in 1926, was once a familiar sight on both the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, but has been docked in Chattanooga, Tennessee since 2009, where she has been used as a floating hotel. Earlier efforts to return her to service have failed, much to the dismay of groups that want to see her on the water again.

The Delta Queen was last seen in Cincinnati in 2008. Among those who visited it were Debbie Bissonnette and her eight sons, who loved the experience. Bissonnette opines that it is impossible to understand ourselves or plan the future without knowing the past, and the Delta Queen is part of our history.

PG Sittenfeld, Cincinnati councilman, met with investors to discuss the project. Sittenfeld said the investors were really asking for money to renovate the riverboat, and make necessary upgrades. The investors’ plan is to buy the boat and have it upgraded so it can once again carry passengers overnight. They want to home port her in Cincinnati, since she spent years operating from here and is closely linked to the city.

Supporters could work with brochure printers to create a mailer, telling about the project, asking for support, and even discussing future trips on the Queen.