Cincinnati beautified through work of artists and volunteers

June 13, 2013 by  

There are many ways to keep an area beautiful, but a non-profit organization called Keeping Cincinnati Beautiful (KCB) has chosen to do it with paint, among other ways. What’s more, it is taking part in a River Sweep this weekend to keep the Ohio River in tip-top condition.

Volunteers from KCB will be among the expected 20,000 volunteers who will work on all areas of the River this Saturday, June 15. The initiative has been going for 24 years now, and ensures that the River, which runs from Pennsylvania to Illinois marking Ohio’s border with West Virginia and Kentucky on its way, remains free from trash and pollution. Anyone interested in helping out should have a look at the KCB website for more info.

KCB was also profiled by last month, because its artists paint facades on vacant buildings that the city has already boarded up. The painters follow the building’s design to create their faux finishes. Thus far, they have painted 500 buildings.

Artists Katie Ferncez and Claire Bryson get to the site, measure, tape out their design and get to work. They may create the appearance of a working store in as little as four hours, painting on doors, windows, flower beds and awnings on the plywood boards. The idea behind the project is to beautify a neighborhood as it transitions, encouraging developers to locate projects there.

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful could work with a poster printing service to create displays to be put up on a building, encouraging people to watch the painters and get involved in improving their neighborhood.