Blackbird Capital Group and Silverstone Advisors merge

September 15, 2012 by  

Two Cincinnati investment banking companies, Blackbird Capital Group and Silverstone Advisors, have merged to form Silverstone/Blackbird. The new firm will be located at 600 Vine Street in Cincinnati.

Combining almost 100 years of financial expertise, principal investment officers John Vota from the Blackbird Capital Group and John Hopper and Mark Greenberg from Silverstone Advisors have collectively been a part of over 300 transactions during their financial careers as investors, advisors, or company operators. When asked about the merger, Hopper stated:

“We think combining forces makes terrific sense and will allow us to further capitalize on our collective success, abilities, and referral relationships.”

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Silverstone/Blackbird currently serves as a financial advisor to several important clients and the merged company is anticipating at least 10 deals within the next yea,r involving acquisitions, capital restructuring, or raising and mergers. The company advises clients on forming capital, acquisitions, restructuring, mergers, and exit strategies.