Annual Roy Rogers festival features museum opening

August 1, 2012 by  

Portsmouth’s annual Roy Rogers Festival, which is in its 29th year, will also mark the grand opening of the Roy Rogers Memory’s museum. The spelling, which places the apostrophe in “memory’s” to indicate the possessive form rather than the plural form, may appear to be grammatically incorrect to some, but this spelling is intentional. Happy trails will be here again as the city of Portsmouth holds the ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, August 1 amidst the week-long festival commemorating the Cincinnati native cowboy actor and singer.

Special ribbon cutting ceremonies and grand openings typically use banner printing to announce and commemorate the occasion. Local print companies in the area may also be called upon to provide poster printing or flyer printing for community festivals such as the annual Roy Rogers Festival. Additionally, businesses in the area may choose to take advantage of tourism during such festivals and run a number of special advertisements and promotions in which printing services are required.

It has been a long-term goal of festival organizers in the city to establish some sort of attraction that could serve as a year-long tourist magnet to the area. Plans are for the museum to remain open even after the annual festival ends on Saturday, August 4.

Roy Rogers was born in 1911 as Leonard Franklin Slye in Cincinnati. His family moved to Portsmouth when he was a year old. The family lived in a houseboat while they built a house located in Duck Run, which is north of Portsmouth. As the Great Depression started, Leonard moved to California and started his career as Roy Rogers.