Centerville to be put on the map

August 12, 2012 by  

Centerville may already be on standard maps but it is about to take its place on yet another type of map—the GPS map locating various sites of electric vehicle stations.

The city will soon hold bragging rights as the first in the southwestern part of the state to offer an electric vehicle public charging station. Plans are currently underway to install the station at the intersection of Franklin and Main streets in the fall of this year.

Centerville had received funds through a grant provided by the U.S department of Transportation, by way of Clean Fuels Ohio, to place an electric vehicle charging station in the city. The station will be located on the west side of the lot at the corner of Franklin and Main streets behind Houck Remodeling, and will be accessible from Franklin’s south entrance and Main Street’s west entrance behind Panera Bread. Current plans are to have the electric charging station installed and up and running by November 1.

Community occasions such as the introduction of the first electric vehicle charging station in the area are often celebrated by city officials and locals with banner printing, poster printing, and other signage to announce and commemorate the occasion. Additionally, local businesses may choose to honor the occasion with flyer printing announcing special promotions and sales in conjunction with the event.

Jennifer Wilder, who is the assistant to the city manager, stated:

“We will be on the GPS map for EV station locations. We will have signage on Franklin and Main streets once the station is ready.”