Asian seafood buffet to come to Washington Park Plaza

November 6, 2012 by  

A new seafood buffet will soon be coming to the Centerville area. Leasing space at the Washington Park Plaza on Lyons Road has really been heating up of late, and the area previously occupied by the restaurant Hometown Buffet is no exception.

Hometown Buffet closed in December 2011, leaving both that space and the already vacant space beside it available to lease out. A sign currently on the building, which occupies 11, 500 square feet, reads, ‘Ichiban Seafood Buffet’, and a message attached to a window says the new restaurant will be serving up seafood and sushi, along with other Asian buffet items.

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Lamar Companies currently manages the Washington Park Plaza shopping center. Sam Cooper, who serves as leasing manager for the company, was unable to disclose any information about the owner of the new Asian seafood buffet but did say that the restaurant is scheduled to open before the start of next year. Currently, the owner of the new restaurant is making a number of renovations to the area. Cooper also revealed that the restaurant agreed to a 10-year lease.