Time capsule to be placed in Canton’s City Hall

January 11, 2012 by  

A time capsule ceremony is scheduled to take place at City Hall on February 3 during the Canton First Friday events downtown. The exact time of the time capsule ceremony has not yet been determined. The ceremony will take place in the lower level of City Hall, located in downtown Canton at 218 Cleveland Avenue, SW.

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Among the 50 or 60 items to be stored in the stainless steel time capsule are a pack of 2010 Hall of Fame pro football trading cards, a bottle of wine and a picture of Mayor William J Healy II that was taken with President Barack Obama. The new items will be included with mementos from the original capsule that was placed in City Hall at the time of its construction in the early part of the 1960s. This dedication will mark the completion of the City Hall expansion. The time capsule will be concealed behind a plaque in the lobby.

Relics from the original time capsule include a 1960-61 public schools directory for the Canton area, a city ordinance book from 1950, a photograph of then Mayor Charles Babcock taken with President Kennedy and ‘The Masonic Bulletin,’ dated March 1961. Letters written by five students from the Fairmount Elementary School about the time capsule were amongst some of the other mementos from the past.