North Canton site for filming of Underdogs

July 4, 2012 by  

A football-themed movie, named Underdogs, is scheduled to begin shooting in North Canton and the surrounding area on Monday, July 16. Scenes for the film will be shot in the area for approximately five weeks.

The filming of the movie is likely to bring a number of tourists to the area, creating an opportunity for area businesses to draw in extra customers. Many area businesses may choose to make use of printing services offered by local print companies to advertise special promotions during this time. Banner printing, poster printing, and flyer printing are all popular methods used to attract business to a special sale or limited time offer.

A former resident of the Canton area, Doug Dearth, is co-writer and director of the movie. According to Dearth, while the budget for the film is still in the estimate stage, it looks to be a million-dollar filming approximately. He also stated that they will be taking advantage of the state tax credit made available to productions being filmed in the state of Ohio. Dearth, who is a graduate of Lake High School, said that he selected the Canton area for filming of the movie because he had always dreamed of bringing something back to the place in which he had grown up. The movie itself will be set in a fictitious city, however. Dearth also has roots in Massillon and Hartville.

The main character of the film is Bobby Burkett, who is the quarterback for his high school football team. The team has never made it to the playoffs, and hopes for finally making it this year revolve around the introduction of a new coach. Bobby falls for a cheerleader at a rival school, making him even a larger target for that school’s quarterback.