No 2012 festival for Canton

March 6, 2012 by  

In a letter to the editor last month that was placed in a local newspaper, the East Canton Festival Committee addressed the area businesses and residents to inform them there would be no East Canton Festival this year.

The small committee of six members includes Lea Trusty, Joel D. Howe, Paul Heaston, Diana Heaston, Dana Kullman and Carrie Little. They would like to thank those in the community who have shown their support over the years.

As a result of the failing economy in recent years, donations from area businesses for the festival have decreased by nearly 80 percent. In addition, the costs of many aspects of the festival have increased, including electric, insurance, printing services and advertising. The entertainment expenses for the festival represent the greatest increase. The rides and food booths are main attractions of the yearly festival. Finding a ride company that is willing to come to a small area festival is getting more difficult, as many companies now require complete control of the festival with their own food booths, games, and other entertainment. Many others are also now requiring that a certain profit be met before giving those in the community who are working the festival a percentage. The community has made very little money on rides over the years, but the committee has managed to remain true to local booth owners by not allowing the ride companies to overtake all aspects of the festival.

The committee stated that all funds that have been collected and placed in the festival account will be used towards the purchase of equipment for the East Canton Fire Department and Police Department.