New roundabouts to be built in Stark County

March 9, 2014 by  

The City of Canton has donated land to be used to make improvements to the roads at Market Avenue and 12th Street, and Maple Avenue and 12th Street. The announcement was made during a regular session of the Stark County commissioners.

According to Commissioner Tom Bernabei, the commissioners discussed the topic of road improvements in a work session convened for the purpose. It was also found that Canton will donate another parcel of land for the construction of a roundabout to be located on Mahoning Road.

Richard Regula, also a county commissioner, remarked that there are now three roundabouts under construction in Stark County: the one at Mahoning Road and Maple Street; a second at Easton Street and Paris Avenue and the third at Fohl Road and Shepler Church.

The reason for building the Easton/Paris and Fohl/Shepler roundabouts is that the intersections presently have a high rate of accidents and fatalities. The Mahoning roundabout is being constructed because drivers dislike stopping at the Mahoning/Maple intersection, saying they feel unsafe.

Brant Luther, the County Administrator, said the Mahoning/Maple roundabout will be big enough to handle large trucks and all three roundabouts are designed to make driving safer.

Canton officials could work with a flyer printing company to create a mailer describing the construction, the time it will take, and providing a suggestion of alternate routes.