Donations being sought for a Canton family in need

April 1, 2012 by  

Senior and Social Services Coordinator Clair Cote, of Canton, is seeking donations for a local family who has fallen upon hard times. Cote stated that the family, who has resided in the area their entire lives, have recently faced some extremely difficult circumstances and is in need of the community’s assistance.

Cote said that the family, who is not being named in order to protect their privacy, has three children who attend school locally. One of the parents has fallen ill and is currently undergoing a number of tests and procedures in an effort to diagnose the problem. Until recently, that parent has been the breadwinner in the family, working hard to support the family financially. The other parent is unable to work. Cote stated that what little finances the family currently has is being used to pay outlandish medical expenses.

Donations are being accepted at the Canton Community Center in the Senior and Social Office at 40 Dyer Avenue. Donations in the form of gift cards for things such as gas and food or home-cooked meals stored in disposable containers are greatly appreciated. Cash donations can also be made at the office.

Individuals or organizations who wish to conduct fundraising efforts of any kind, food drives or other events often spread the word to the community in a variety of ways. In addition to placing a notice in a local newspaper, individuals might draw up a flyer or poster, printing it to distribute throughout the community or post at local businesses.

Cote made a point to say that they do not do this for everyone, but that they are pleased to serve as an intermediary for families in crisis. In addition to standard donations, the community has come together and offered a variety of services, including childcare and maid service provided by local individuals.