Canton Palace Theatre receives facelift

December 2, 2012 by  

The Canton Palace Theatre in downtown Canton is scheduled to receive an extensive facelift in the near future as part of the Capital Campaign that commenced in October.

The campaign, which includes renovations to safety and aesthetic features of the theater, will continue throughout the remainder of 2012, into 2013, and is scheduled to be completed by early 2014. Restoration of the Canton Palace Theatre is estimated at $1.35m. In addition to other renovations on the building, plans have been made to increase energy efficiency and reduce opening expenses.

The theatre, which serves as a historic landmark in the downtown area, is 86 years old. Georgia Paxos, executive director for the Palace Theatre, stated:

“We want to restore the Palace as the crown jewel of the Canton Arts District. The goal is to maintain the architectural integrity of the theatre while giving Canton residents the cultural and entertainment experience they remember from their childhood.”

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The Palace Theatre has not received a major renovation since 1991 and the last two decades have certainly taken their toll on the historical landmark. In addition to a number of other issues, leakage has caused extensive roof and ceiling damage, while the old plumbing system can no longer accommodate the larger, full-house audiences. It will be necessary to shut down the theater for brief time periods throughout the renovation process.