Several projects promise jobs for Akron residents

August 10, 2013 by  

An Akron city council meeting held on July 22 discussed several projects that could provide jobs for the city’s residents.

The first item of interest is the fact that an agreement among the city, Highland Square Economic Development LLC and Mustard Seed Market was reached, which means the market will be able to go ahead with its plans to move into the downtown area. Groundbreaking is set for some time in August, and the new store brings approximately 45 jobs with it.

Other news for job seekers was equally heartening; the city council wants to authorize $25,000 as ‘seed money’ that will go toward establishing an adult education program through which Akron residents may obtain commercial drivers’ licenses (CDLs). If approved, the program will start this fall with the aim of having drivers ready to work next summer. The work will involve the combined sewer overflow (CSO) project, which will need hundreds of truck drivers for dirt removal. Even after the task is completed, those who have obtained CDLs will have a valuable skill they can use on other projects.

In related news, the council was asked to support a resolution to hire Akron residents for the upcoming construction projects in preference to those who live elsewhere. These three items seem to indicate Akron workers have a good chance at finding jobs.

The city might consider working with a flyer printing company to devise a mailer for city residents, telling them about the upcoming CLD course and encouraging them to apply.