Live music event promises fun for Akron residents

June 3, 2013 by  

Akron, Ohio, residents are in for a treat this weekend, when the first-ever Porch Rokr music festival rocks the Highland Square neighborhood.

The event is the first of its kind in Akron, and is modeled on a similar event in Ithaca, New York, which held its first backyard music fest in 2007. The idea has since spread to approximately 12 communities across the nation.

The idea is innovative and simple at the same time. Volunteer musicians play on porches and in backyards in a specific neighborhood, so visitors can move from house to house and hear them. Porch Rokr already has a roster of 80 or more performers who will appear in a 10-block region of Highland Square, a neighborhood in West Akron.

Among those slated to appear are local artists Madison Cummings, Rio Neon, and the Brick Road Ramblers. A complete list of performers, as well as the times they will be performing and where they can be found, is posted at the event’s website. The artists represent a variety of genres, including reggae, rock, and jazz.

Porch Rokr is a fundraiser for the Highland Square Neighborhood Association’s (HSNA) upcoming Art in the Square festival, scheduled for August. Admission to Porch Rokr is free, but Square Cards are also for sale. For $20, buyers receive five cards, each of which can be traded to a vendor or business for an item.

Porch Rokr kicks off at noon and runs until 8:00 pm on June 8. Organizers could work with flyer printing services to devise a map of the location showing the performers and where they are playing.