KFI-AM holds radiothon fundraiser

December 13, 2012 by  

A radiothon fundraising event held by KFI-AM late last month raised approximately $135,000 and five tons of sauce and pasta for children and needy families in the Anaheim and surrounding area.

The annual fundraiser brought in a little less money this year than last, but it was still a resounding success. Organizers report that the money and food collected through KFI’s radiothon event will go to feed hundreds of families for months and assist them in finding and securing stable housing. Many of the families helped by the fundraiser were living in low-rent hotels.

Anaheim White House owner, Bruno Serato, stated:

“I’m extremely happy by how people responded, especially because we only talked about this for about 10 days this year compared to a full month last year before the event.”

While publicity for KFI-AM’s radiothon fundraising event was primarily communicated over the air, many organizers of fundraisers, drives, and other charitable events choose to raise awareness within the community through the use of poster printing or flyer printing. Some may even use brochure printers to provide people with additional information about a specific charity or cause.

The 16-hour fundraising event was held on Wednesday, November 28, at the Anaheim White House restaurant. The fundraiser began before 6:00 am with Bill Handle broadcasting. Handle is the radio host who first initiated plans for the radiothon. Approximately half of the funds raised throughout the course of the fundraiser came in during Handle’s four-hour broadcast. Radio hosts Tim Conway Jr. and John and Ken were also a part of the broadcast, which went on until 10:00 pm.