Akron plans to train locals for new jobs

October 31, 2013 by  

Akron, Ohio, will soon be reworking its sewer system, and will need new truck drivers for the project.

In order to make sure it has the personnel it needs, the city is developing a new worker classification, called the Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Equipment Operator, which will come under the Public Service Department. There will be as many as 48 drivers trained, at no cost to them, so they can receive their commercial driver’s licenses. These new hires, who will be local job-hunters, will help during the building of a tunnel that will be part of the reworking of Akron’s sewer overflow system.

Akron’s mayor, Don Plusquellic, remarked that the training and employment of local workers was a bright spot in an otherwise difficult project, which is mandated but unfunded, meaning that the city is not receiving any state or federal money, but still has to do the work. Plusquellic is happy that Akron workers will get some of the jobs, since they are paying for the construction.

Mayor Plusquellic revealed contractors told him the project will require trucks to operate for thousands of hours, either removing material or bringing it in, and there are not enough qualified drivers to handle the jobs. In addition, a commercial license will be a great asset to anyone who qualifies, since drivers will be needed on future projects as well.

City officials can work with a flyer printing company to create a piece describing the opportunity, the necessary skills, and telling people how and where to apply for training.