Something’s baking in Moorhead

November 13, 2012 by  

The Holiday Bake Sale is an annual event hosted by Concordia College and features home-made baking, by order, for families during the holiday season. This event has been bringing families from around the area together for decades at this time of year. All the items are fresh baked and made from scratch.

Each year, the job of baking holiday treats becomes harder for families with busy schedules and, like always, Concordia College’s catering department is there to assist. This year, guests can indulge their families with a number of freshly baked homemade desserts and treats during the busiest season of the year. This becomes especially handy for those who travel over the holiday season, as they can pick it up and take it with them, but it is also handy for families with both parents working.

This year, Concordia is offering everything from its famous raspberry tarts and traditionally delicious pumpkin pies, to ready-to-bake caramel rolls, plus a whole bunch of other baked delights. All orders need to be called into 218-299-4271 and picked up on November 21 or 22.

Poster printing and flyer printing may have been used to spread the word about this Holiday Bake Sale to residents of this community and the surrounding region. Pre-orders are recommended before November 15. The Holiday Bake Sale pick up will take place on Wednesday, November 21 and Thursday, November 22 between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm at Concordia College located at 901 8th Street in South Moorhead, Minnesota, just down the road from Fargo, North Dakota. For more information, please visit Catering at Concordia University’s website or call 218-299-4271.