Prairie comes alive with animal adventure

October 12, 2012 by  

Anyone looking to learn more about the exotic animals that live on the prairies, as well as the history of the prairies themselves, could do no better than to visit this weekend’s ‘Animals of the Prairie Field Trip’.

A special learning trip, it starts off at the Red River Zoo. From there, the trip ventures to the Felton Prairie Scientific and Natural area, where guests will hike through the surroudings learning about what this region offers. Participants will learn what role the prairie plays in people’s lives, read and learn through stories, and make some prairie crafts, as well as meeting a few of the animals that inhabit the prairie. Some people may even have the opportunity to feed the much beloved prairie dogs.

The hiking portion of this tour will be led by a certified SNA naturalist, who will explain how the region was formed and who the former inhabitants were. There will be information on today’s grasses and the various types of prairie flowers that cover the land. The hike is approximately one hour in length and guests should bring lunch, snacks, sunscreen, and bug spray, and plenty of water. A camera may also come in handy.

Flyer printing, poster printing, and other stationery printing services may have been used to promote this event to the public. Admission is free and everyone is welcome. This informational trip will be happening this Sunday, October 14, from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm leaving from the Red River Zoo in Fargo, North Dakota. For more information, please visit the zoo’s website or call the office at 701-277-9240.