Har Mar Superstar is coming to The Aquarium

December 10, 2011 by  

For those who have been wondering about the poster printing that’s likely around town, Har Mar Superstar is going to be in Fargo on New Year’s Eve.

Sean Tillman, who is better known by the name Har Mar Superstar, is going to be performing at The Aquarium. With the concert starting at 9:00 p.m., there’s no better way for fans of Pop/Rock/R&B music to bring in the New Year.

Known for his sense of humor, musical skill, and interesting antics on-stage, Tillman’s career actually began during his high school days when he toured with a band called Calvin Krime during the 90s. Although initially performing under the name Sean Na Na after Calvin Krime broke up, the Har Mar Superstar persona has been doing concerts since at least the early 2000s.

Accompanying Har Mar Superstar during this performance will be the Marijuana Deathsquads. Like Har Mar Superstar, these musicians are veterans to the stage. Featuring band members from other fairly well known groups, these skilled musicians are guaranteed to put on a good show.

As for the venue, The Aquarium “…is a venue located in downtown Fargo, North Dakota. It opened in March 2006 to host primarily touring, independent and original artists in the mold of the now defunct Ralph’s Corner. The Aquarium is only open when there is shows or events so watch the calendar”.

With tickets going for a mere $6.00, Har Mar Superstar and the Marijuana Deathsquads are looking like a enjoyable way to spend the last night of 2011.