Bring the streets to life

June 25, 2012 by  

On Sunday, August 26, the annual StreetsAlive will take place in throughout the downtown core covering three miles of streets in both the community of Moorhead and Fargo, North Dakota. This festive event is free to attend and will start at 12:00 pm and run until 5:00 pm.

This festival was created by the Dakota Medical Foundation to promote healthy living and participation in fitness. During this festive event, the entire downtown core, in both communities, will be closed to any motorized traffic to encourage participants to walk, run, bike, dance, and be active. There will be vendors and special events taking place throughout this area, including most parking lots.

This event usually has an estimated attendance of around 8,000 with the majority of them participating in hula-hooping, children’s fitness, zumba, and yoga events set to occur in Oak Grove park. There will be a number of healthy living exhibits and healthy food vendors situated along the route for people to check out.
“Eat and Greet Street” will feature naturally-grown, fresh produce at the farmers’ market, “Participation Pathway” will have a ton of interactive fun activities, and “Education Avenue” will offer a range of fun activities. This is a family event and the communities have received awards for encouraging residents and visitors to take up a more active lifestyle.

This is an outdoor fitness and physical exercise event, so guests are encouraged to dress appropriately and remember sunscreen. Banner printing services may have been used by the organizers event to advertise special fitness areas. For additional information on this fitness event, please visit the StreetsAlive or the Dakota Medical Foundation’s website, or call 701-356-3132.