Omaha named best city to raise kids

June 8, 2012 by has named Omaha the Best City to Raise Kids in the United States. The website made their decision based on criteria such as job growth, health, economies and local culture.

Omaha was chosen best because of its high quality schools and the fact children have higher test scores than the national average, the fact that over 28% of the population have children, the quality of its public and school libraries, the number of parks (Omaha has 157 public playgrounds), the 10.5% cost of living which is below the national average, the low crime rate, the lower than average unemployment figures, the quality of cultural institutions such as the Children’s Museum, the children’s theater and the zoo and finally the availability of well-paid jobs (the average income for Omaha is $78,466).

While studies like these can be subjective, ranking on lists such as this is always good for a community. It makes people proud to live there, it makes people think of moving there and it encourages businesses to set up shop there. The city of Omaha can use studies such as these in their official literature designed to draw business and tourists to the city. Brochure printers can help them to design and print a brochure that can be sent to boards of trade and tourist booths across the state, the country and even the world. This will most likely have the result of drawing more businesses to the area and will encourage tourism.