St. Peters receives an impressive gift

January 12, 2013 by  

St. Peters, Missouri, received a wonderful gift to start 2013 — 1,000 brand new trees.

A program called ‘Project CommuniTree’, which is offered by Forest ReLeaf of Missouri, gave the trees to St. Peters for use in three projects. The selection of trees range from three and six feet tall and are already being planted.

Forest ReLeaf was founded in 1993 to assist in reversing the decline of community and urban forests. Parks, trails, and other green spaces add a great deal to the life of any community, and they are being lost, so ReLeaf tries to help by bringing the trees back.

In the case of St. Peters, they focused on three main areas. Lakeside Park saw the addition of 800 trees in a mitigation area there; another 100 are set to be planted in a similar area on the new extension of West Sunny Hill Boulevard, then the final 72 will be welcomed onto the new City Centre Park Drive, where there is a hillside. The donations are worth approximately $10,000, which would otherwise have come from the city treasury.

In addition to reforesting urban areas, Forest ReLeaf presents educational programs on how to care for trees in Missouri and surrounding areas, as well as giving trees to be placed in nonprofit and public settings.

Since the plantings are done for everyone’s benefit, officials from St. Peters might consider working with a brochure printer to develop a booklet that tells about the trees and encourages people to become stewards of the town’s forests. This would help the trees and the community alike.