Printing companies feeling pessimistic

November 14, 2011 by  

Print companies are feeling pessimistic about business for the rest of the year, says a Semper International survey. Whether printers are in St. Peters, Missouri, New York or Los Angeles, many commercial printing companies are expecting the fourth quarter to show a downturn in comparison to the third quarter of 2011.

The survey polled 300 companies providing printing services of different kinds (banner printing, stationery printing, catalog printing, flyer printing, poster printing and more) and found a lack of optimism. Many of the respondents said that the third quarter had been profitable, though less so than the previous quarter. The survey also found that more print companies were laying off workers this year, though many reported their hiring levels as static. The CEO of Semper International, David Regan says this is reflected in their business:

“Our business, which is staffing, is a leading indicator of the health of the print industry, so when things slow down, we slow down fast and first. We immediately see when these printing companies are getting busy and we immediately see when they’re getting slow.”

Surprisingly, the economy is not the only reason for printers’ pessimism, though recent changes in monetary policy have some responsibility. In particular, the cessation of Quantitative Easing measures is seen as partly to blame. While some areas are still busy, many have felt the impact of less money in buyers’ pockets. However, there was also 53 percent increase in the number of businesses worried about competitors able to compete on price.