Preflighting moves to the cloud

February 3, 2012 by  

ArtAffirm is a new layout tool, including a PDF editor and pre-flight check, which is being beta tested by Lucid Dream Software. Any printing company, whether from St Peters or elsewhere, will be able to let their clients check and correct prepared artwork before submitting files for printing. The cloud based software works with most web browsers and is also available as an iPad application. It allows client to resize, rotate, position and layer images as required. PDF checking is built into the tool, which also helps users to educate themselves about creating PDFs that are ready for print. This includes information about common image formats used in print. Whether printing digital business cards or looking at catalog printing, this tool can be used for a variety of products. Some of the examples provided by the company include photobooks, posters, and press sheets.

According to David Lewis, chief executive of Lucid Dream, the project has been in the making for more than ten years and was developed using technology including Ruby on Rails. He added: “Our research shows printing companies are spending thousands of dollars every month simply touching client files. ArtAffirm can very substantially reduce these costs.” The software can be used with pre-press systems or integrated with web-to-print platform’s as well as working with Lucid Software’s TribalSketch. The product will be distributed from the US during the testing phase, with plans to roll it out to the UK and EU after release. The company is currently seeking both beta testers and distributors.