Oil-changes help low-income families in St. Peters

October 24, 2012 by  

Between 40 and 70 volunteers from the three Calvary Churches in the St. Peters area worked to provide 40 free oil changes on Saturday, October 20.

Movements were made after volunteers in St. Peters and Wentzville recognized an unusual problem faced by many poor people, especially single mothers, and decided to do something about it. They saw that a lack of reliable transportation, whether public or private, presents a real obstacle to employment opportunities for those on low-income.

As in many rural areas, public transportation is available to help seniors, but routes that would enable people to get to work are non-existent in some cases. They are forced to rely on their cars to get to work or to look for work and, if the cars are unreliable, they can lose this opportunity. Calvary church members saw this as an opportunity to help solve a problem that affects the vulnerable residents in and near St. Peters.

Last Saturday, they worked in the Wentzville Calvary Church parking lot and this coming Saturday, October 27, they will do the same thing at the St. Peters’ Calvary Church, 3998 Mid Rivers Mall Drive. They expect to perform 100 or more oil changes at this second event, with any flyer printing or banner printing carried out to promote the event likely to increase the number.

When people bring their cars to the volunteers, the latter also take the opportunity to inspect them for other problems and help make minor repairs, such as fixing belts and hoses.