Local residents have a new way to enjoy reading

July 15, 2013 by  

Residents of St. Charles and surrounding areas, including St. Peters, have a new way in which they can enjoy reading their favorite magazines.

The St. Charles library district has announced it is making the Zinio for Libraries application available to its patrons. The new app has been available as of the start of July.

Patrons can use Zinio by logging onto the library’s website. They can then access any one of more than 100 digital magazines, which can be read on almost any device that has internet capability, including a desktop or laptop computer (either PC or Mac), Kindle Fire, iPad, Nook HD and HD+, and Android. The reader can access the magazines either inside or outside the library.

Zinio also supports simultaneous use by a number of people, and allows them to check out new issues with almost no restrictions on their use. Patrons can check out as many issues of as many magazines as they like, and hold them in what’s known as a “viewing account” for as long as they wish. There is no waiting, no checkout, and no time limit on how long a patron may keep the magazines, and no potential charges for theft or damage, since these are digital magazines. Among the titles offered are such popular publications as Car and Driver, National Geographic, and Readers Digest.

St. Charles is about eight mils from St. Peters, and no doubt some residents are patrons of the St. Charles library. Library officials might work with brochure printers to create a mailing explaining the new service and inviting patrons to try it.