Art and business come together in August

July 25, 2012 by  

Taking into account both the ongoing summer art show and the upcoming small business workshop, St. Peters residents will be able to balance their professional development with some personal fun in the upcoming weeks.

For a while now, local art-lovers have had the option of stopping by the St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre and taking in the Oak Leaf Artist Guild Summer Show. Having opened relatively recently on June 8 in a night that featured refreshments and awards, among other things, the sheer amount of variety within this display is enough to keep things interesting. With the Centre open throughout the week except for Sunday, residents have plenty of opportunities to peruse the work of these talented artists.

Since the Summer Show is expected to close on August 13, however, those who are interested in checking this out will have to put in an appearance soon. Free for all to attend, the cost-effectiveness of this activity is another perk worth mentioning.

Meanwhile, aspiring entrepreneurs have another event that they can look forward to with “Starting a Small Business: The First Steps” taking place on August 21. Featuring in-depth discussion of such topics as business planning, legal issues, and various aspects of owning a business, attendees won’t be disappointed by the content of this workshop. Going from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm and being hosted at the University of Missouri Extension Center, this is another one for the calendar.

Priced at just $40 and sitting at an interesting cost besides, it will be surprising if brochure printers are not involved with this to some degree.