Zip line to be built in St Louis Park

February 27, 2013 by  

A zip line course has been approved by the St Louis County Council for Creve Coeur Park and work on the Go Ape adventure course, built in the tree tops through the park, will begin immediately.
The course will have 35 obstacles placed throughout so that visitors can tackle cargo nets and swing bridges. There will also be five zip lines on the course.

The planned location of the adventure course is upper Creve Coeur Park, situated off Marine Drive. According to County officials, the adventure course is expected to raise around $45,000 to $60,000 during its first year of opening. The revenue will all be reinvested in St Louis County Parks.

In addition to raising money for the local area, with sports enthusiasts from other cities expected to visit, local printing companies – particularly stationery printers – may also benefit from the additional stationery requirements for promotion of the adventure course. Originally, the City Council wanted to look at closure of some parks, until the public suggested that they could raise necessary funding with a private project, according to 2nd District City Council member Kathleen Burkett.

Burkett believes that enthusiasts will travel to St Louis to use the new facilities before spending time at other activities then booking an overnight stay. Birdwatchers have expressed concern that the zip lines would go through an area where birds were nesting, although Burkett offered assurances that the birds and other wildlife would not be harmed.