Wyman Center approach to youth leadership offers promising future

November 12, 2012 by  

St. Louis-based Wyman Center hosted the 2012 Saigh Symposium towards the end of October, during which students from the Teen Leadership Program (TLP) traveled to Cape Girardeau to hear Colin Powell speak at Southeast Missouri State University, and Teen Outreach Program (TOP) participants visited local senior centers. These events are part of a set of overall strategies designed to empower youth, develop life skills and behaviors, and instill healthy goals.

Teens enter the TLP program during 7th grade through nomination by a participating school district or agency. The TOP program is instituted by an entire school or other organization that becomes certified replication partners.

Through the TLP and TOP, Wyman has achieved impressive outcomes over the past dozen years. All of the TLP’s 2011 participants graduated from high school and the vast majority enrolled in college. TOP® results in the St. Louis area include significant reductions in rates of school suspension, course failure, pregnancy, and dropout.

The St. Louis-based Wyman Center has been improving the lives of youth for more than a century. Founded in 1898 to give children who lived in tenements an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and healthy food, it has shifted focus to working with teens to keep them in school and making healthy, constructive choices.

‘Experience Wyman’, the social entrepreneurial side of Wyman Center, offers a venue available to rent, as well as team-building and educational training. Proceeds from these activities help to fund TOP and TLP programs.

Wyman uses brochure printing, its website, and a range of other communications tools to offer its programs to school systems and potential community partners.