William D Schaeffer Award nominations open

December 25, 2011 by  

Nominations for entry to the William D. Schaeffer Award, run by Printing Industries of America, are now open. The award, which has been running since 1990, highlights print companies in the graphics communications industry who have helped to raise awareness and foster environmental action within the industry. St. Louis, Missouri print companies and others are invited to apply via the entry form on the PIA website.

The inspiration for the award was Dr William D Schaeffer, the first recipient, who made outstanding contributions to addressing these issues within the industry until his retirement in 1991. From 1983 he served as executive director of the Environmental Conservation Board of the Graphic Communications Industry, Inc. (ECB). The award steering committee commented that Dr Schaeffer’s:

“ongoing environmental advocacy typifies the leadership activities expected of award recipients.”

According to the PIA the achievements of suitable candidates “should go above and beyond job requirements or display an unselfish contribution to the industry not solely for a particular organization’s commercial gain.” In addition, these achievements should be long term and result in successful improvements or programs in the environmental arena in public relations, education, assistance with compliance, involvement with regulatory issues, continuous improvement and pioneering efforts.

In order to nominate someone print companies have to provide details of the nominee’s actions in one of these areas as well as the results of those actions. The committee also welcomes letters of support for particular nominations. Last year’s winner was Dr Gary David Miller.