Super Bowl promises big win for print companies

February 6, 2012 by  

Printing companies are likely to be the big winners, however the Super Bowl trophy competition turns out, says the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI). That’s good news for St Louis printers and other companies offering printing services in this area. According to the ASI T-shirts with logos are being frantically prepared for an expected buyer stampede on Monday. Many sports fans will also be looking to snap up jackets and other items with the logos of their teams. Sunday night will be a big night in the printing industry as up to 25,000 T-shirts will need to be printed with either the New England Patriots or New York Giants logos.

ASI’s president and CEO Timothy M Andrews commented: “The ad specialty industry works overtime whenever there’s a big national event to make sure everyone who wants a special keepsake gets one. ASI research shows logoed T-shirts generate huge sales among Super Bowl fans and that companies continue to order them all year long to give away to promote their brands or thank their clients.”

That means hundreds of print companies working overtime so that sports retailers can have the right clothing ready when they open on Monday. According to the ASI retail buyers will be coming to printers as early as 3am to collect their stock and may come back for another order if sales go well. A New Hampshire firm says that while the demand for logoed apparel for the winners will be huge, fans of the losing side will still want to buy clothing to support their team.